4 Adventurous Caving Experiences in America

by | Sep 9, 2016


Mammoth cave courtesy of Garden State Hiker/Flickr

Caving is an experience that’s great for all and the adventure of a lifetime. Find your inner Indiana Jones and enjoy some of America’s best caves on guided scenic tours. Caving consists of walking, hiking or boating through a cave deep in the natural stone of a landscape. You can see stalactites and other natural decoration inside of the cave.

Caves are sometimes attached to other caves created tunnels where the natural eye cannot see without exploring. Caves take thousands of years to occur and once they do, they are a sight to behold. Caving is perfect for all ages and for a variety of different events or life moments. Caving is also a great adventure gift idea for a memorable experience. Whatever the occasion, caving is perfect to bring people together.  


Mammoth Cave Adventure

This guided tour takes you through Mammoth Cave, located in San Francisco, California. Go deep into the stone underneath the city and explore rocks and stalagmites that have formed over hundreds of years of earthquakes and tremors.

You don’t have to go alone, which makes it a great gift idea for couples and family members. You will have a professional guide to speak with you about what you are viewing and also the amazing history behind this amazing cave.

Moaning Cavern Caving Adventure

If you’re looking for a caving adventure that’s a tad bit more advanced, the moaning cavern is perfect for you. You begin your descent into the cavern by rappelling from a rope to the floor.

You will be assisted by an expert guide who will take you through the history of the cavern and the things you will see. You must wear a hard hat for safety as well as a headlamp for security. This trip is perfect for those who have caved before.

Wild Cave Spelunking

Are you willing to squeeze through tight spaces to see things not regularly seen by others? This tour takes you deep into a wild cave into parts that are not shown during regular hours. You will only have a flashlight to assist you.

This trip was made with the total adventurer in mind and also one who has no fear of the dark. Spelunk through a dark cave with your loved ones for a great adventure.

Ape Cave in Washington

Located in Washington, Ape Cave is renowned as one of the best caves in North America for adventure and exploration.

This cave extends almost 2.5 miles and is a huge lava tube created by an amazing volcanic eruption. This trip is perfect for the history buff and the adventurer alike.


Caving is an amazing adventure full of twists and turns and amazing wildlife. Opting for a guided tour will add much needed safety to your adventure instead of going alone.

A professional who knows the cave inside and out will lead you through safely and securely.

So you have chosen a caving adventure and are ready to go. What do you need to bring? Make sure you have a backpack that can hold all of your items that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty and muddy. Make sure it fits comfortably as well. You also need a flashlight, extra batteries and perhaps another source of light as a back-up.

You will need a hard hat that will protect you from any falls. You should wear boots and easy to move in clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. Lastly, bring food and water with you to keep you full and hydrated.

A caving experience may take a while to get through and may make you less energized than when you came in.


Caving is an experience that will last a lifetime. However, remember to not go in alone if you’re not capable or experienced. Also remember to wear the proper safety gear that’s required. Make sure you do a bit of research on the cave you’re choosing to explore and how much walking is involved or climbing if you have health concerns. Above all, enjoy your amazing experience and enjoy your time together.


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