I love misadventures! I think they make memorable travels. However, a lot of people don’t like to travel overseas because they feel a lack of security. It is an understandable fear, being so far from home where you don’t know anyone, and don’t speak the language can be overwhelming.

However, people don’t understand that traveling is relatively safe. You just need to keep your head on your shoulders and follow these few simple safety tips.

First Aid and Medicine

Traveling First Aid Kit

It is always beneficial to carry top of the range safety equipment. If you’re backpacking you don’t want to weigh yourself down, but I suggest carrying at least a small first aid kit.

You also need to carry anything that will help you manage your allergies or any medication that you might need to take. This will make you prepared if you have any minor medical problems. I suggest building your own first aid kit as it will be specific to your needs.

For example I made my first aid kit to have an Epipen to deal with any unexpected battles with my nemesis the bee. ( I’m deathly allergic)

Safety Gear

Hiking Saftey Gear

Depending on what type of traveling you are doing you will need different types of safety gear.

It is essential to have take the right equipment for the type of traveling you will be doing. If you are going trekking make sure to have the right footwear.

Make a rough plan of your adventures  and pack accordingly.

It is like the boy scouts say “Be Prepared”

Organize Your Documents

Organize Your Passport

People get stressed traveling with their valuable documents. A lot of people don’t know how to keep them safe and organized.

One of the best investments I’ve ever made is a money belt, it helps keeps your passport, debit, and credit cards protected and organized.

Keeping your documents in the same place and replace them there after each use will not only keep your organized, but also give you piece of mind knowing where they are at.

Have Back-up Cash.

It is important not to keep all your money in one place. I always keep a debit card with only a couple hundred dollars, and a little cash, stashed away in my backpack.

This is my protection to keep me a float for a few days if something terrible happens.

I hope I never need it, but it is a major relief that it is there. Keep it in a secret place away from all your other cash in case you lose your wallet or document organizer.

Copy your documents.

Make copies of your documents and send them to your email and a family member email is key.

These copies make replacing these documents a lot easier, than if you don’t have them. Having these copies will save you some serious headaches.

Traveling the world can be safe and easy.

If you just have to brush on a few tips, make sure you have the right gear, and in no time you will be crossing of your bucket list with confidence.

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