A guide to backpacking: hints and tricks

Backpacking across Europe has always been popular amongst both old and young individuals due to the number of interesting places and sites to see. Europe is deep in cultural and historical background, so it is no wonder why it is such as popular place to visit. However, booking your flights from the UK to Belgium via Condor is the simple part – now you need to pack your things and plan your visit.

Here are some helpful hints and tricks to keep in mind when backpacking.

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  • Keep your passport with you at all times – never leave it anywhere. The number of backpackers who lose their passport every year is frightful. Without a passport you cannot travel beyond the country you are in or get home.
  • Pack your bag properly – Do not just throw your things into your back pack – plan it properly. The weight of the bag should always be balanced and the things you will need regularly should be on top. The things you will need constantly – it is best to put them in the side pockets for ease.
  • Always carry water – if you are hiking or travelling during the heat (or cold for that matter) it is vital that you keep hydrated. Therefore, always carry water with you – somewhere you can get to it easily. Also, ensure the water you are drinking is clean, if it isn’t you could get seriously ill.
  • Have a torch nearby – You never know when you may need a torch. Also, it could help if you are hunting in a big bag. The ideal torch would be a small LED one you can fit in your pocket or on your belt.
  • Keep money on you – You don’t want to be caught short without any money. You never know if you will need something for a local shop or food. So, always ensure you have enough on you for this event.

It is also recommended that you pack your underwear at the top of your bag – theft is quite likely during backpacking trips. This method should deter thieves from progressing through your rucksack.

Also, if you are backpacking in a specifically hot or cold climate, ensure you have the suitable clothing on at all times.

But, the most important thing to remember when you are backpacking is to stay safe, have fun and take plenty of pictures to bring back to the UK with you.


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