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In-flight entertainment has come a long way from the piano and smoking room offered on the Hindenburg passenger airship in the 1930s. Passengers now can watch movies and listen to music on-demand, all from the comfort of the sky. Of course, features vary depending on the airline, route, and seat class, so we’ve rounded up some of the best in-flight entertainment systems for travelers around the globe. ith the right onboard entertainment system, long flights don’t have to feel long at all.

Virgin Atlantic

Unlike most airlines, Virgin Atlantic allows passengers to stream entertainment pre take-off and continue streaming post landing through its entertainment system, Vera. This could equate to an additional two hours of movie or TV watching, according to Virgin Atlantic. The airline also doesn’t merely provide film descriptions. Film critic Jason Solomons reviews films to offer personal suggestions. Not only can passengers talk to each other through the entertainment system, they can also play gamesagainst each other from their seats. Vera also offers programming specifically for kids, as well as real-time news.

Qatar Airways

With more than 2,000 entertainment options in more than 30 languages, Qatar passengers from around the world will undoubtedly find something entertaining on board. On Oryx One, Qatar’s entertainment system, travelers can pick fromblockbuster hits, full box sets of popular TV series, and music from around the world. Parents need not worry, as Oryx also offers appropriate content for younger travelers, including cartoons, games, and movies. Once a flight is booked, passengers can enter flight details into Qatar’s search engine to see exactly what will be available on their flights.

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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines’ Planet entertainment system provides a wide selection of classic, feature, international, children, and a whole selection of Frank Sinatra films. Passengers can listen  to entire music albums, or sample Turkish and English-language contemporary music. The airline also offers something most airlines don’t: audiobooks and podcasts. Listen to books from American writer Paul Auster or Turkish novelist Oguz Atay, among others. With a camera mounted on the front and back of the plane, passengers can also watch the aircraft as it takes off and lands.


Emirates offers a large selection of entertainment options to match the size of its Airbus A380 superjumbos. Ice, Emirates’ entertainment system, boasts more than 2,000 movie channels, television shows, music stations, and games on demand and in multiple languages. For news junkies and sports fanatics, Ice provides real-timenews and sports streaming on its 777 flights from well-known television stations including BBC World Service, CNN, NHK World Premium, Al Jazeera English, and more. While the service varies depending on global satellite signals, the airline is working to extend coverage. Passengers can browse the website before a trip to see exactly what’s offered on upcoming flights or easily contact the airline to make a request. Don’t have a window seat? No problem. Emirates’ three strategically placed plane cameras provide travelers with spectacular views from the front, below, and above the aircraft through Ice.

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On long-haul flights, the German airline provides a selection of 100 films in eight languages, 200 television programs (including full seasons of selected shows), 300 music CDs, and 30 radio channels suitable for adults or children. Never miss a sports highlight with Sport 24, the live English-language television channel. Realizing many passengers travel with their own personal smart devices, on selected medium-haul flights Lufthansa allows travelers access to all this entertainment through their own tablets, phones and laptops. Simply download the airline’s mobile app and wait until the plane reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet, or 3,084 meters. This option sounds much better than peeking over a neighbor’s seat to view a random film on community screens.


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