Every morning I set one goal. I wake up frustrated that I’m awake so early, and pissed off that the coffee is upstairs and not already flowing through my veins. I stretch and then I whisper to myself the phrase that I’ve said for as long as I can remember. “Be better today.” Then I get up and take on the world- after about two pots of coffee.

Those three little words are my daily goal. Every day I strive to be better than I was the day before. Whether it means improving my writing, facing a fear, learning a phrase in a new language, or going to the gym, I challenge myself. Having that mindset keeps me focused and reminds me of the person I’m desperate to become. After all, why not strive to be the best version possible of yourself.

This new life is only a handful of days away, and I’ve been making new goals for myself for the upcoming year. It never occurred to me to share them, but I was inspired to do so after reading Ali’s Adventures and her goals for her upcoming trip. (A blog worth reading).

So I thought why not share my goals. 

Face My Fears

A reader emailed me, which you are always free to do at  abackpackerstale (at) gmail (dot) com, and asked if I was afraid of getting lonely. I replied honestly, with yes I’m afraid; but now I’m taking that back. I’m not afraid of getting lonely because I know it is bound to happen, even though when traveling you are surrounded by people the majority of the time. What I’m afraid of, however, is how I deal with the loneliness. Will I push through it, or will I let it affect my trip. In the end, I’m more afraid what would happen if I stayed home. I would take a little loneliness for the life-time of adventures and the memories I’ll be making.

A few other fears I want to conquer.

Scuba diving

It looks so damn cool, but I’m deathly afraid of being in deep water. This is strange because I love long boat rides.

Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls

Everyone I know expresses fear for me when I say I’m running with the bulls. Guess what? I’m scared shitless! I mean who in their right mind would pack themselves on a crowded street with charging bulls. Well, I guess I would. I’m nervous and afraid, but full of excitement. Actually a lot of things on my bucket list make me nervous, which is why they made it to the list.

Improve as a Blogger

I’m done with one job and finishing up my final week at another. This means it is time to get into the full swing of blogging and I can’t wait to improve. Areas I’m focusing on are writing (lessons in progress), photography, and video. The last two I’ve been trained in, but have become a little rusty. However, I’m ready to wipe away that rust and bring this blog to a new level.

Grow as a Person.

My first backpacking trip!

My first backpacking trip!

This is a natural part of traveling and honestly one of the things I’m most excited to experience. Travel changes you. It awakens parts of yourself you never knew existed. The first time I traveled, it flipped my world completely on its head. I’ve never been the same person since. Traveling is the best teacher you can have and I can’t wait to learn what long-term travel has to teach me.

Not Gain Weight

This might sound silly, but it is one of my main goals. At one point I was overweight and while I have a strict diet at home, every time I travel I gain weight. This scares me since I’m transitioning from traveling as a hobby to traveling as a lifestyle. Not gaining weight is a promise I’ve made to myself. I’ll just have to make sure to stay out of every French bakery on the planet.

Push Myself

Just like I whisper to myself every morning that I want to be better; I have a vision of the person I aspire to become. One of my goals in the next year, as I explore and experience different countries across the globe, is to expand that vision. I want to push myself through the trials and hardships, yet come out on the other side running even faster and further.

These are a few of the goals I’ve set for myself for 2013. Goals that I believe will challenge, push, and change me into a stronger person. Traveling for travels sake is fun and enjoyable, but I’ m ready to push that to the next level! I honestly feel like a huge chapter in my life has ended, and a new one has started.

What about you? When you travel do you set goals for yourself? If so, I would love to hear them. Share in the comments below.

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