Whenever I hear the name Paris, it reminds me of romance, great coffee shops, and the magical Eiffel Tower. The city of lights has become one of my favorite destinations in the world. Every time I travel Europe I make sure to stop in Paris for a few days. Even if you are on holiday in England you can always find cheap flights from London to Paris, or you can even get good deals from smaller cities. There are even good priced flights from  Manchester to Paris.

Paris is much more than the normal tourist trail. There are some of the best day trips from Paris which hold beautiful sites, adventures, and fun for everyone.

One thing I love about Paris, and its surrounding area, is that the more I explore, the more I want to explore. After each trip having a better understanding and love for its insatiable beauty.

Lets talk about some of the best day trips Paris has to offer. Each one of offers something different and special.

5 Best Day Trips From Paris

1- Provins


Situated at 1 and ½ hour distance from Paris lies the town of Provins. This medieval city is charming and beautiful.

You can’t help but enjoy walking the streets while seeing the stunning tower and ramparts. A couple of fun things to do in Provins is to visit the watchman tower and explore the underground tunnel.

The city also loves roses. Roses are everywhere, and in every form, you can imagine from flavored honey to stunning rose gardens.

2 – Versailles

5 Best Day trips paris

Arguably, the best day trip from Paris is Versailles. The castle is world famous for its lavish gardens, vineyard, and architecture. Because this Paris day trip is so famous, there will be long lines.

Luckily, you have me, and I know some tips for avoiding the lines at Versailles. One of the easiest ways is to buy your ticket online and print it out before arriving.

3- Mont Saint Michel

Best Day Trip From Paris

Mont Saint Michel is a towering abbey located on a small island. Personally, I think this site is one of the most impressive in France. Thousands visit Mont Saint Micheal every year, and it is a major tourist trap. This means that the restaurants and souvenirs in this area are pricey. An excellent way to save money on this day trip from Paris is to bring your own food. While Mont Saint Michel is full of tourist, it is an amazing site and a trip that shouldn’t be missed.

4- Rouen

best day trips from paris

Rouen is located in the Normandy region of France. The city has an impressive cathedral, astronomical clock tower, and timber buildings. Rouen is a perfect example of a picturesque French city. Rouen also has a yearly food festival, so if you plan your trip right, you will get to taste large sample of the mouth-watering food France has to offer.

5- Giverny

Best Day Trip from Paris

This village in the north of France has some the best gardens I have seen in the country, If you are traveling through France in the spring the charming gardens in Giverny come alive, and cannot be missed. Monet’s House is also in Giverny, and a must see in the city. You will get to witness his masterpieces that are breathtaking, unique and timely.

These are the five best day trips from Paris. Make sure to do at least one or two when traveling in Paris. Each one holds something special. However, all of them will increase your love for France.

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