There are many Colorado points of interest which draw thousands of people to the state each year. This western state in the USA has made a name for itself by boasting mile high cities, great microbreweries, and ski slopes. However, don’t forget about the landscape.

Colorado rewards travelers with snow-capped mountains, beautiful blue rivers, and wide open Canyons. Without a doubt, the landscape is the main Colorado point of interest. 

Colorado Points of Interest.

Colorado Points of interest

Let’s take a journey through The Centennial State and discover the best of the best that Colorado has to offer travelers. Because there are many Colorado Vaction rentals you can get see everything in the state on a decent budget.

Colorado Points of Interest. – Landscape

Rocky Mountain National Park

Of course, the first site we talk about is the Rocky Mountain National Park. This Colorado point of interests is one of the major draws to the state. The mountains are stunning, and no visit to Colorado is complete without a scenic drive through them.

The parks are over 400 miles of protected nature, wildlife, and hiking trails. Spend at least an afternoon in the park hiking or driving to get an idea of the size and scoop of this world-famous mountain range. 

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Another National Park to see is Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. The lure of this park is the large rock formations, the beautiful colors, and great views. The park is often referred to as Colorado’s Grand Canyon and is one of the most beautiful sites in the state. 

Mesa Verde National Park

Colorado Points of Interest

Mesa Verde National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are over 5,000 archeological sites in the park. 600 of these are cave dwellings. These incredible cave cities were home to Native Americans who lived in this area over 1,500 years ago. The most famous of these towns is Mesa Verde, and it is worth it on any visit to Colorado.

Seven Falls

Seven Falls is exactly what is sounds like seven towering waterfalls at feet of 181 ft in South Cheyenne Creek. This is one of the Colorado point of interest that landscape lovers will adore. 

Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans is perfect for a road trip! Why? Well, Mt Evans has the highest paved road in North America. At the top of the paved road you and your car are over 14,000 feet. Yep, almost 3 miles high.

Garden of the Gods

Colorado Points of interest

This is a stunning part of Colorado to wander around. There are massive rocks to climb around in and hiking trails to explore. Garden of the Gods has fantastic sunsets and is very photogenic. I played in the Gardens of an entire afternoon and loved every second of it. The gardens are a public park located right in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Points of Interest – Cities


The capital of the state is a must see when traveling through Colorado. The city is very artist, and it is worth it to take a few days and explore the city. One Colorado point of interests that Denver exceeds at is the beer culture. The city has excellent microbrews selection to try, and Brewery Tours t a explore. 


Points of interest in Boulder

This little city nestled in the mountains is just 25 miles from Denver. The city is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails and canyons. There are a ton of fun and adventurous activities around the city. In fact, Boulder was my favorite city to visit in Colorado. 

Colorado Springs

This beautiful city is over 6,000 feet in the mountains. The famous Pikes Peak is nearby as well which climbs to 14,000 ft. Colorado Springs is a great home base for those seeking some outdoor adventures.

Colorado Points of Interest – Skiing 

Colorado is also world famous for its skiing. Personally, I am not a big skier, but a few Colorado points of interest for skiers are Cooper Mountain, Aspen, and Vail. These ski fields are world-class. 


This snowy ski town is a hub for people flocking to the snow fields. The town is very scenic so even if you are not hitting the slopes and are looking for a romantic getaway, Aspen is a good option.


While Vail is famous for skiing it is also a fantastic summer destination for festivals, hiking and golfing. The town is located in the beautiful White River National Forest, and the whole area is very scenic. 

Cooper Mountain 

Copper Mountain is a beautiful skiing resort, with a variety of slopes for all skill levels. It caters to families and is a  good place to visit if you have skiers of all different levels.

There are many Colorado points of interest to see when visiting the state. It is a land of incredible landscape and artist cities.  No matter if you are looking for fun cities, epic skiiing, or wonderful hikes Colorado caters to your every need. These are some places of interest in Colorado that will help you you plan your travels.

What do you think? What Colorado points of interest that you would check out first?


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