America’s northeast is a beautiful area to vacation. This part of the United States is filled with charming cities, American history, and a lot of entertainment. These are some of the best cities to visit on your next vacation to the northeast of America.

Let’s take a trip through the region and discover some of the best cities to visit.


Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is a city that appeals to people all over the country. Just off the shores of Lake Erie the are a lot of fun things to do in and around Buffalo. Another major draw of the city is the mild summer temperatures. People from the Midwest come to Buffalo to escape the summer heat, hangout at the lake, and relax. Buffalo is also very affordable and offers a range of hotel deals.

Revere, Massachusetts

Revere, named after the legendary Paul Revere, is a town the embodies the history of America. It has the oldest public beach in the US, and a host of other historical sites. The city has a fantastic location and is just five miles from Boston. This makes Revere the perfect home base for people waiting to explore Boston but want a nice quiet getaway to escape too.

Wildwoods, New Jersey

If you are looking for some fun entertainment, then Wildwood is the place for you. The boardwalk is filled with live music, roller coasters, arcades, shopping, restaurants, beach walk and even a water park. Wildwoods is a picturesque and stunning seaside getaway in New Jersey. Not only that but the weather and the water are both warm during the peak season which runs from June to August.  There is also some excellent accommodation to choose from in Wildwoods.

Dover, Delaware

Dover is made a name for itself because of NASCAR, and the city is pumping with fans and tourist during the season. However, the city has a lot more to offer than just fast cars.

Every season is a good season to visit Dover. The summers are warm, and the winters are mild.  There are always many festivals and concerts going on in and around the area making it perfect for a weekend or an entire vacation. There are also many hotel deals all throughout the year making it a cheap place to visit all year round.

Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis is just 25 miles from Baltimore and 32 miles from Washington D.C. This makes Maryland’s capital a perfect destination for some day trips around the area. Another perk of staying in Annapolis is that the city much smaller than it neighboring cities.

This makes it a quiet getaway and also makes it easy to find some cheap hotels. Annapolis is the perfect city for people who want to explore big cities without staying in one.

Whether you are looking for an exciting boardwalk, fast cars, or smaller cities, the northeast of America has some great choices for you. Any of these cities will provide you will a fun and exciting vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today

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