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Over the past several years I’ve noticed how travel has been changing and how the focus of travel has shifted for my generation (the millennials) from how Generation Xers and the Baby Boomers have traveled. In the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered the differences of how the generations travel. So you might be curious, “What is different about the way millennials travel?” Well, thanks to a new survey by Marriott Rewards Credit Card we can see a few interesting facts about how the ideas and focus of travel have shifted.

Millennials Change the World While Traveling. 

The ease of travel and the global connections available through our current technology, more and more young adults are traveling throughout the nation and the world. Millennials have a distinct desire to experience other cultures and new surroundings. They are more likely to travel with a purpose. One of the most interesting things is that a stunning 84% of millennials travel to another country to participate in volunteer activities, such as church-funded mission trips or relief trips organized by nonprofits, than older generations.

Meaning that as they travel they are volunteering, working in villages, orphanages, or building houses. In this day and age, in certain parts of the world, places and animals are being exploited for tourism. The fact that the millennials not only are aware of these issues but also volunteering their time to improve countries around the world is a wonderful thing to see. Millennials have a global mindset and feel a deep responsibility and concern for the state of the planet and have the desire to make it better.   

Pop Culture Effects Where Millennials Travel. 

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As we can see in the infographic below, millennials are also more likely to pick and define travel “hot spots” based on the influence of pop culture. 44% of millennials base their next travel destination on if the culture is booming. Another fun stat is that millennials pick their destinations based on the influence of celebrity, and destinations that have recently been in movies.

Places like the islands of Thailand that are showcased so beautifully in a film are one way millennials pick their vacation hot spots. Of course, I do the same thing sometimes when I head to the Shire for a pint

Millennials Seek Adventure.


 Being somewhat of an adventurer myself, my favorite stat is the sheer percentage of my generation of travelers that want a thrilling holiday (78%) rather than a lazy vacation (32%). Millennials are an adventurous bunch, and always wondering what is over the next horizon, and where we are going to find our next thrill. 

Nightlife Matters to Millennials. 


Most people that have been backpacking through Europe or Southeast Asia can describe, in somewhat hazy detail, how wild the nightlife is while traveling. Because of this it is no surprise to me that 28% of millennials say nightlife is a factor when picking a travel destination. Maybe this is why hostels have become so popular!  While only 15% of Gen Xers and a shockingly low 6% of Baby Boomers say that nightlife is a factor when picking a destination.

I believe that at least experiencing a little bit of the nightlife is an essential part of learning about a culture, country, or city. The focus over travel has shifted throughout the years. Personally I am proud to be a part of the millennial travel generation. We are a daring and exciting generation of travelers who are fearless to explore new bounds, heights, and seas while having a global mindset to help the world become a better place. 
Check out the infographic below to see what else was uncovered. Like earning points to put towards your next trip? The Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase lets travelers earn accelerated Marriott Rewards points on all purchases – so you get the most out of your travel.

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