Ok, you’ve set you sights on traveling Europe. You’ve saved your money, slung on your backpack, and you’re ready to set off on the adventure of a life-time and start exploring some European cities for the first time.

First, I want to say congratulations on making an excellent choice (vigorously shaking your hand). Europe is thick in history. It has sights covering vast stretches of time and rich cultures that make it a perfect place to spend a summer exploring.

Travelling Europe is Easy.

 Travel companies offer you many options when traveling Europe, but with so many choices, picking the one that fits your needs can seem overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.

This guide is a breakdown of two of my favorite ways to travel Europe; Eurail and Busabout.

These two companies both have their pros and cons depending on your personal travel style.

I have broken down what these companies offer to help you decided which option is right.

Eurail Review

I get asked a lot, “Is Eurail worth it?”. Eurail is the train network throughout Europe. It covers 24 countries and is popular among backpackers. If you want to go with the flow and have no set plans while traveling, buying a Eurail Saver Passis a perfect option for you.

Eurail opens up Europe like a map and you could literally throw darts at it all summer to choose your next destination (Hell that’s a brilliant idea, I’m adding that to the bucket list now). This style of travel caters to adventures, misadventures, and random encounters; it’s a one of a kind experience to makes adventures in Europe a random experience. Don’t worry, I have you covered with my Europe travel tips.

Eurail Experience

There is something about Europe that makes it feel like it is meant to be explored by train. I spent two and a half months hopping trains while having some unbelievable experiences including making friends and memories that will last a life-time.

I traveled Eurail solo. It was a blast, but there were times, I would be traveling between small towns where I wouldn’t see another backpacker for days. Luckily, I’m able to entertain myself for hours before getting bored so I never felt that lonely.


  • Eurail’s greatest strength is the totally freedom you have over a massive area. You pick your own schedule; when you leave, and where you go.
  • This makes it easy to get sidetracked, a key component to any adventure. It also means it is easy for you to reach places off of the beaten track.
  • It you wake up and have the unquenchable urge to eat pizza in it’s birthplace, just jump on a train to Italy.
  • Eurail is fast and easy

The trains are well-kept (most of the time) and comfortable; the longer rides offer you a great chance to strike up a conversation with locals.


Backpacking , Traveling Europe

The freedom comes with a price because of the massive area everyone’s traveling to separate countries and cities.

  • Most of the time, you will meet a lot of fellow travelers, but because everyone’s heading separate places, it is hard to make really good friends.

I’m not saying it’s impossible. I ended up traveling with a couple English guys six years ago. They became some of my closest travel friends, and we still get together to this day.

  • As a solo traveler, you will have a higher chance of getting lonely on Eurail compared to Busabout, but ask yourself, “Is dealing with a little loneliness worth ultimate freedom and endless adventures?” You bet it is!

Eurail Review verdict is that it is more work. You have to look up trains, connections, timetables, and figure out how to get from point A to point B. Chances are at some point your will end up lost, but it is all in the name of adventure, right!  I love the work; fending for yourself makes your journey more fun and rewarding. If you are the same then Eurail is for you.

Recommended Eurail Passes



Access up 27 countries across Europe.

Flexible days and dates.

Flexible passes starting at 10 train days until 3 months unlimited.

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Pick and choose the countries of your choice.

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Flexible passes starting at 5 train days and up until 10

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Cost of Eurail Pass

There are Eurail Saver Pass to fit almost every need. The more countries and more time your pass covers, the higher the price tag. This means passes can range from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand. Typically, it’s a great deal especially if you’re going to quite a few countries.

Busabout Review

Ways to travel Europe, Busabout

As the name suggests, Busabout is a company that runs bus loops around Western Europe. On their buses you can buy a  hop on hop off Europe at any stop on their loop.

They carter mainly to backpackers; it’s also a popular mode of transportation for Aussies and Kiwis. It’s geared more to the backpacking party culture of Europe.

Busabout’s goal is to make life easy for you. The buses drop you off right in front of a hostel. You have the freedom to stay at stop as long as you want before hopping back to your next destination. (Buses come every other day).

Busabout Tours

I loved Busabout, I made life-long friends, drank till my liver hurt, and had a stress free summer visiting some of my favorite European cities.

My biggest worry with Busabout was making sure I woke up for the bus in the morning. I had a great summer traveling with Busabout and would do it again in a heartbeat.


Busabout people and staff

Busabout’s biggest strength is Eurail’s biggest weakness, people. Everyone on Busabout is headed the same direction and to roughly the same cities. You will run into the same people multiple times.

This means you will make a lot of friends while traveling Europe. Most likely, you will stay in the same hostels, go sightseeing and go drinking with same people for weeks. You become close to these people fast. When I was on Busabout, I ended up traveling with the same group for roughly a month.

Imagine how close you become to your travel buddies after a straight month of eating, sleeping and experiencing Europe together. Busabout is great for a persons first time backpacking Europe, or traveling Europe on a budget.

This can be good option is you are traveling Europe alone as a female.

Busabout also has the most helpful staff I ever encountered. They’re friendly, helpful, and really enjoy what they do. They give you advice, tell you local hotspots, and teach you some of basic phrases in their language.

The staff is a big plus to Busabout. The buses are only a couple of years old. They have T.V.’s, places to charge your ipods and laptops, and built-in radios in each seat.


While Busabout is brilliant at throwing you together with other backpackers, the bus loops only go in one direction. You also need a rough idea of how long you are going to stay at each stop so you can reserve your spot on a bus, though people could usually squeeze on without having a reservation.

This means you do not have nearly as much freedom as you do on Eurail. That’s not to say you can’t have adventures.

Busabout offers some great adventurous excursions, and they make it as simply as buying a ticket and showing up. Busabout Review verdict is recommended for people who want an easy laid back trip with a helpful and informative staff doing the work for you. It is a great option for solo travelers who don’t handle traveling alone well.

Recommended Busabout Passes

Global (4)


2 Ways to Travel 

Flexpass – Only buy the stops you want!

Flexible dates and passes

Loop – Multiple Stops going around Europe in a Loop Busabout style.

Picked up and dropped off right in front of a hostel.

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Busabout One Way Passes


One way passes going through some of Europe’s most popular backpacking routes.

Flexible dates and passes

Picked up and dropped off right in front of a hostel.

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Cost Of Busabout

Busabout’s prices vary by the different loops. The full package includes 9 countries with a total of 33 different stops for around $1200. Not bad, considering 33 stops is enough to keep you busy all summer.

In the end which one is better? Both are good depending on how you like to travel. The person who is looking for a laid back trip or the person who’s headed to Europe to party, I recommend Busabout.

For the person wanting to interact with other cultures, choose their next destination the day they’re leaving, and enjoy the freedom Europe offers, then Eurail is the right choice for you.

If you didn’t like either of these options there are still many cheap ways to travel Europe.

I loved my time on both and would travel on either of them in a heartbeat. Either way make sure to brush up on your Traveling Europe Tips! With so many Europe Travel Packages out their it is important to find the right one for you.

One thing’s for sure when your traveling Europe you will find adventures. They are out there and waiting for you to find them! 

Questions? Ask them below and I will give you personal travel advice!

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