For the last month, I have been wearing my webbem traveler watch while jotting around Thailand. I thought for this week’s post I would give you guys my impressions of it so far.



One of the best things I like about this watch is the security. The watch latches are two strong pieces of metal that you screw tightly together. I’m not going to lie it took me a couple tries to get the hang of putting the watch on, but soon it became easy enough to put on.

Having a latch like this means that the watch is tightly secured around the wrist, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking or falling off when I’m doing some daring adventure, or  paranoid its coming loose while I am jetting around Chiang Mai on my motorbike.


Another feature of the watch I love is the durability. The watches strap is made out of woven together Paracord.

“What is Paracord?”, you ask.


Paracord is a lightweight material that is used in tons of survival and outdoor products, including the suspension lines of parachutes, and even to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Cool eh?

Paracord needs an intense amount of stress before if even gets near its breaking point.

In fact,you can unravel the paracord in an emergency, giving you a length of usable rope. This is a usable watch strap which I think is amazing!

Yes, this watch is not going anywhere anytime soon.


In fact, depending on your wrist size there can be over three meters of paracrod rope woven into your strap.


The watch itself has a cool design. One of the best things about designing you own watch online is that you can make a watch that fits your style.  Personally I went with a brown paracrod and black watch head.

What do you think?


The glass is made of Sapphire crystal, so you don’t need to worry about it scratching,


The last thing I want to discuss this watch is the case they ship it in. Why is this important for a traveler?

Well, on days I am flying I take all watches, and all bracelets off and pack them away until after security.

I always have the fear of my breakable err…. breaking.

However, the box they ship the watch in is extremely tough so if I am not wearing the watch, while traveling, I can pack it away in the rock hard case and not have to worry about it turning up in more than one piece.

Overall; The webbem traveler watch suits everything I need it to do on the road.

I love the style, security and durability, and I will keep wearing this watch on my travels.

My biggest complaint is that it was a little tricky to put on at first, but soon that became easy as well.

The best part is that webbem wants to give one watch away to a reader in the upcoming month!

Stay tuned for details, and until them check out webbem watches here.


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