The Slightly Insane Person Guide to Beginning the Mongol Rally

Are you looking for a little adventure? Do you want do the Mongol Rally but don’t know where to start? DO you think you will spend the whole rally paying brides? Are you looking for first hand advice to get you over the finish line? Then look no further!

I did the rally in 2013 and went through many struggles and unexpected twists. I was in the back of a Russian cop car, at a particular point I was careless, and then was in a car that made it 7,000 miles without a clutch, but I found a way to complete the rally. Trial and error taught me the spirit of the rally and the right way to approach it, and what it takes to complete it.

This book is a step by step guide to the Mongol Tally, from choosing a team to making it to UB. This will show you how to avoid all the headaches and struggles I experienced on the rally, and will help top make your rally more enjoyable. I realized that the rally is difficult until your approach it with the right mindset and those certain tricks can make it much easier. With my help will know where to begin what to expect, and some tips about what works and what doesn’t.

What this book will give you.

  • Tips to avoid brides
  • How to put together you team
  • How to deal with border guards
  • Choosing a car
  • What Visa’s do you need?
  • Which Route
  • Time scale
  • Where to stay
  • Get the Book Today

This book layout everything clearly and simply. This book was created from my personal knowledge and to help people get involved in the adventure of a life time. Adventures are out there, Get YOURS started today!


The slightly insane beginners guide to the Mongol Rally – Coming Soon


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