Australia is a top destination for novice and expert backpackers alike, offering travelers the essential benefits of warm weather, breathtaking landscapes, not to mention its unique local cultures, and fun festivals like White Night in Melbourne.

Australia is all teeming with an interesting history and vibrant personality.

The country is notably big in both size and character- so make it a point to take the longest possible backpacking trip you can afford (Australia isn’t cheap).

Renting a car and driving the east coast is fun and convenient as you get to explore many beaches on your ways to some of the top backpacking destinations.

Here are five of the top backing spots on Australia’s. They are some of the most popular visited attractions in Australia.

Barossa Valley

Kangaroo Island
This is southern wine country, which means beautiful views of scenic hills and valleys abound.

Stunning architecture emphasizes the old world charm here, with many charming old churches- not to mention the wineries themselves.

Personally  I think wine is the worst hangover you can have, but trying a wine tour of Barossa Valley will let you taste of some of the region’s acclaimed wine.

Here you can find some of the world’s finest shiraz and cabernets as well as learn about the history and processes of Australian wine crafting from the masters themselves.  So if you are a wino it goes without saying that Barossa Valley is a must.

From the valley, you can see the unspoiled wilderness of Kangaroo Island is nearby, accessible via ferry, and cheerfully welcomes backpackers, offering good, affordable hospitality.

You’ll likely catch glimpses of all kinds of remarkable wildlife on the island, including kangaroos, of course- and maybe even sea lions!


Cable Beach

The pride of the west, Broome boasts being home to the glimmering and gorgeous Cable Beach.This  soft white beach and exquisite bright blue waters to enjoy, but also plenty to do in and around it.

Go fishing on a charter boat for tuna or marlin, take a camel ride on the beach at sunset, or just languish peacefully on the magnificent shore.

It’s known as the pearl capital of the world, with a rich and fascinating pearl diving history which is commemorated and celebrated with shops filled with both traditional and more modern-spun unique pearl jewellery, all beautiful and sold at several different price points, so no one who would like to have a pearl of their own should ever have to leave without one.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay in New South Wales is something of a ‘beach bum’s paradise’. There are fantastic nature tours and all kinds of spas to check out, crafty boutiques, tasty organic food restaurants.

If you are a die hard fan of the water there is also beach yoga, surfing and kayaking, not to mention an effortlessly friendly, welcoming hippie vibe that hasn’t been affected by the influx of the ‘rich and famous’.

This bohemian beach town has become a favorite getaway spot for the well-heeled – many celebrities come from both Australia and points far and wide all over the globe to get back to nature and enjoy the singular beauty as well as the healing powers of the sea. Byron Bay just is the place where Paul Hogan chose to hang his hat after the enormous worldwide success of “Crocodile Dundee”.

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

This renowned national park in the northern territory is home to the remarkable Daintree , where you might see over 400 species of magnificent birds (including several found only here) defining it, of course, as a destination that is an absolute must for birdwatchers!

It’s also an unusually lush tropical paradise, spotted with creeks and beaches and adorned with awe-inspiring natural beauty at each and every turn. Go ahead and take a boat ride on the Daintree River- but be sure to beware of those hungry saltwater crocs skimming along the surface!

The Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

This epic drive, just a few hours from the bustling city of Melbourne.

The Great Ocean Road are a prime spot for bush walking and its steep mountains present plenty of scenic and challenging hikes and climbs for the athletic adventurer.

If rest is what you’re after, you can get that here, too, picnicking among the stunning beauty of the wildflowers juxtaposed against the majestic beauty of the sky-touching hills.

Australia is filled to the brim with adventures, beautiful natures, and sandy beaches. The only bad thing about Australia is the price tag which is hearty, but don’t let that scare you away.


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