We all need luggage bag in our lives not only for cross-country travel and international travel but also for the short day trips. But many people overlook the importance and the impact a good luggage bag can have on the entire trip. Having a proper travel luggage can prevent you from any discomforts inconveniences like baggage fees for oversized items or trying to squeeze in your vanity bag at the last minute into the already overflowing luggage bag.

Best travel luggage

So it is important that you take certain things into account before buying yourself a proper travel luggage bag which can not only include all your necessities in one go but also is durable and handy enough to bear all the weight for all your due travelling trips.

You won’t believe how much easier a properly sized luggage bag can make your life as you would no longer have to worry about extra fees or limited baggage space. So what do you need to keep in mind to make the right selection while buying a perfect travel luggage bag?

5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Luggage

  Pay attention to the wheels

You do not want to buy a travel bag with which you have to struggle dragging in one direction only due to two-directional wheels. Not only will they hinder in your flexibility but also will limit your movement in case you are in a hurry.

So the best choice in this regard is to go for a luggage bag that has multi-directional wheels. They are super practical and helpful, so you longer have to wrestle with your bag anymore.

   Size is important

The dimensions of the luggage bag are one of the most important aspects while making the right baggage choice. The luggage bag should perfectly fit the provided overhead bin otherwise you would have to pay the extra fees.

The standard size for a carry-on for US airlines is 45 inches and for a checked bag the size is 62 inches.Check luggage sizes for other airlines as they might vary.

   Internal compartments are a must

Always go for luggage bags that incorporate internal compartments. They are super handy when it comes to placing tiny items while packing.

You can retrieve them easily and do not have to go through the trouble of rummaging the entire bag just to find your USB or memory card at the bottom of the bag.

   Choose the right material

Luggage bags usually come in two types; soft bags and hard-shell bags. Soft bags prove to be more convenient than the hard bags because they have more excess capacity and are easier to fit in the overhead compartments.

You can also carry the soft bags on your back, unlike the hard-shell bags that you have to drag all the way.

 Test the bag

Try the bag before you buy it. See if it fits your style and is comfortable to you. Walk around with it. Check the quality of the straps and the inner compartments.

If you are happy with it and feel that it will make a good travelling companion then go for it. Do not think that all pricey bags are also durable. Sometimes an expensive designer bag does not last one single trip before it breaks apart. You can also check out my tips on how to find the best travel backpack!


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