When trying to find insanely cheap flights, you have to get into the right mindset.

Yes, finding an extremely cheap flights is all about knowing the tricks of the system, but it’s also a matter of persistence and waiting for the proper moment to buy your insanely cheap flight.

Whenever I am buying flights ( Which is way to often, trust me) I view it as a game.

The cheaper the airfare the bigger the victory!

I make finding flights fun! It helps trust me.

Yes, sometimes it simply is going to take time to find the flight you want at the right price. However, think about it this way. You might spend an extra hour searching for a flight and save $300. That is like saving $150 an hour which makes going the extra mile definitely worth it.

In this post, I will share with you some tricks to finding insanely cheap flights by using a real world example.

So please turn all cell phones on airplane mode and place your seat in the upright position. We are preparing for take off.

Now before we take off on this venture of insanely cheap flights, let’s talk about a few common tricks.

NOTE: At the bottom of this article I will also give a list of airlines that often offer insanely cheap flights. PLUS! A couple resources that will help you get the best airfare possible. 

Tricks to Find Insanely Cheap Flights


Trick 1- The Best Days to Buy Airfare

I have found the best days to buy the cheapest airfare are Sunday and Tuesday afternoons. I have always wonder about this occurrence until I found an article by FareCompare that mentioned that this is when most of the airlines release their major airline sales. Searching for flights on these days, increase your chances of finding an insanely cheap flight.

Trick 2 – The Best Days to Fly Insanely Cheap Airfare

Of course, it isn’t just about what days to purchase your flight. It is also determine by what days and times you desire to fly. The cheapest days to fly tend to be Monday and Tuesday. Also, overnight flights are cheaper than flights during the day.

Trick 3- When to Buy Insanely Cheap Flights

I always begin looking for cheap airfare about a month before I want to fly. However, often you can get last minute deals, and I mean LAST minute deals at a great price if you want to take that risk. Buying several months out can also get you insanely cheap airfare.

Trick 4- Clear your Browser of Cookies

Even if the flight has dropped in price, you might still get a quote similar to the last one. This is because many airline websites remember the last price they quoted you. I’ve had mixed results with this. It is just something to keep in mind when looking for an insanely cheap flight.

Trick 5- Flexible Dates

This is key to finding insanely cheap flights. Some flights fill up fast. Others, for whatever reason, seem to have several seats available. Although airlines can sometimes predict future sales easily, it isn’t all science. If they have flights that seem slow in filling, they bring the prices temporarily down.

Real World Example of  How to Find Insanely Cheap Flights Quickly

Those are a few basic tips so now we are ready to dive into a real world example. For this example, I will travel from my hometown in Columbus, Ohio (CMH) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK), practically on the other side of the planet.

For this example, we will be using Kayak and Skyscanner. However, I also like Orbitz, and Priceline. Many bloggers also use CheapOair Flights, and BookingBuddy Flights

Step 1 in Finding our Insanely Cheap Flights

First let’s do a Kayak search from CMH to BKK.


Ok, for this initial search, I see that a flight is $841 on Delta, an airline I love. All those options are already borderline insanely cheap, but we can get it cheaper.

In fact, I bet I can get a flight for under $500.

Step 2 in Finding our Insanely Cheap Flights

So first I am using Tricks 1, 2, and 3 by searching for my flight on Sunday, for a Monday that is a month out.

Since I briefly looked up this flight a week ago, I remember to use Trick 4 and clear my PC from cookies.

So now we are ready to start typing in our search. Using Trick 5, let’s first refine our search to a three day flexibility.

Rare Tips to help you find an insanely cheap flights


We find with flexible dates from CMH to BKK, the flight is a little lower at $818. It also is leaving two days later. So far, we have saved $23; not really the insanely cheap flights we are looking for but don’t worry; I have a few more tricks up my sleeves.

Also, note the flight is on United. Although this is not a terrible airline, it is not among my favorites.

Honestly.I would rather pay the extra $23 to fly on Delta.

Step 3 in Finding our Insanely Cheap Flights

Flexible departure city – We want the flight cheaper, so let’s head to a major travel hub in the USA like New York, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angles.

For this example, we are going to use New York because it is the close to Columbus, and I have a better chance of getting there quicker but also cheaper. (Plus, I love New York)

Tips to find Insanely Cheap Flights

So we can see that the flight on Kayak from JFK to BKK with flexible dates is $497. A whopping savings of $344, but for good measure, let’s minus the $50 bus fare to New York. Still we have saved $294

Now that is an insanely cheap flight!

Step 4 in Finding our Insanely Cheap Flights

However, I think we can go even cheaper. To do this, I am going to open up my flexibility.

For this, I am going to head to Skyscanner to do the same search, but when choosing a date I am going to click the “whole month option” for May.

Find Insanely Cheap Flights fast

Wow! The first thing I see is that the cheapest day to fly is the first day of May for $389. That means I am saving $452. I also see the flight is on Norwegian, an insanely cheap airline and one that I trust! Yeah!

We did it! We found an insanely cheap flight.

A few things to note. You might not get the price you are looking for right off the bat. If that is the case, just persevere.

Set aside an hour every week to repeat the process again. Flights change all time and sometimes it just takes a little time and research.

Let’s say for this example, I spent a total of 4 hours over the course of a couple weeks trying to find this price.

That means I averaged a savings of over $100 an hour. When you look at it like that, it isn’t so bad.

In fact, it is amazing. Just think of how many night I can stay in a hostel or how many months of travel insurance you can have with an extra $400 in travel money gained by finding an insanely cheap flight.

Extra Tips and Resources to Find Insanely Cheap Flights

Wow Air: Cheap Flights from America to Europe ( Seriously, sometimes as low as $99)

Skyscanner: Awesome if you don’t have specific dates to fly.

Kayak: Helpful for find insanely cheap multi city flights

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