Welcome to my Haka Tour Review.

Now, If you follow me on Instagram (Insert shameless social media plug here), then you are aware that for the last 16 days I’ve been romping around in a bus through the rolling hills of North Island, and the vast mountain landscapes of the South Island of New Zealand.

Haka Tour Review

While the tour was amazing (brace yourself for a cliché) all good things must come to an end.

Over the last few days, I have been reflecting on the highlights or the tour and what made Haka Tours an incredible experience.

For the next few hundred excellently written words ( *cough*) let’s talk about what really stood out about Haka Tours, and what made my travels with them so incredible.

Haka Tours Review

1- The Guide

New Zealand Tours

Have you ever done a tour? If you have then, you know that a guide makes or breaks the tour experience. I’ve done my fair share of trips and have had both good and bad guides.

I’ve had guides that didn’t care if the group was having fun. They rushed us to every site as if they were dying to get to the hotel to melt into their bed for the next twelve hours and binge watch Netflix.

I’ve had one guide, in Jordan, on the opposite spectrum. He was blur, running around randomly jumping off rocks while striking poses, and jumping in everyone photos and running in all directions doing – who knows. (I wish I were making this up, but I’m not)

The point is he was having so much fun being the center of attention, and trying to make everyone laugh that he forgot to guide.

Andy, my guide on Haka was perfect.


Andy, my Haka guide cared. We never felt rushed; he took a bunch of secret spots (We watched the other tours buses pass), and genuinely wanted us to an awesome time.

You could tell he was having as much fun guiding us around his country as we were having in it.

If all Haka guides are like Andy, it is easy to see how this company has become #1 ranked New Zealand tours.

2- The Landscape


Personally, what draws me to New Zealand is the landscape.

Almost daily my head was whipping back in forth taking in the crystal blue lakes, the rolling hills, epic vista’s, and craggy mountain ranges. New Zealand encapsulates a sense of grandeur.

I have flown around New Zealand and also driven, and let me tell you, it is a country that was made for driving and it is the best way to see the unbeatable landscape.

Wait! Let me rephrase that statement.

Being a passenger in a car is the best way to see the country. That way you can focus on all the surrounding beauty and landscape.

My Haka tour took me to some of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever seen.

3- The People

Haka Tours our group

One thing I have to cover in this Haka Tour Review is how they run their tours. Haka focuses on small group tours. Haka only has a max of 16 people per tour! (Which is a perfect number in my opinion!)

Sitting on a bus with 40-50 people having the same conversation for days while getting to know everyone is not for me.

I like small tours because you bond with everyone and they tend to be less clicky. The people on our tour were awesome. The good thing about a small group tour is that age doesn’t matter. When you are on bigger tours people around the same age tend to form a group together.

We had people from all corners of the globe. We had a young couple from Singapore, a police officer from Scotland, poeple from Europe, America, Australia. We had a little international family by the end!  We all cooked together, hiked together, shopped together. No one was excluded.


4- Activites


There are a lot of adventures to have in New Zeland. The perk on traveling with Haka is that you the guide will manage all your adventures on the bus.

This means you pick and choose your adventures on the go!  You just let tell the guide and he books everything for you. Talk about stress free!

Haka is the only company in New Zealand that let’s you book actvities on the fly! 

Also when you order the tour can already book the acticites you are sure you want to do and Haka guarantees availability of activities pre-booked.

I had a ton of epic adventures on my Haka Tour! 

Some of my highlights where….

Tongariro Crossing with Tongariro Expeditions.

Swimming with Dolphins with Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura.

Bungee Jumping with Aj Hackett.

A Scenic Flight and Cruise over Milford Sound with AIr Milford and Southern Discoveries.

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However, Haka also had some activities included that I have not seen another company give.

First the Maori cultural night. I have done these before on a tour of New Zealand, but it was an added price.

With Haka, it was included.

One of the highlights of the cultural night was the Hangi. This is the tradtional way Maori’s cooked food. They bury the food with heated stones in the gournd, and over time it cooks. Cooking the food in the ground kept in the flavor, and I spent gorged on chicken and pataotes until the my pants dug into my sides. Yes. It was that good!

The Alpine Express, which is a stunning train journey to Christchurch.

5- The Company

To start finishing up my Haka Tour review is that Haka is a great company that actually cares about customers.

On the first day of our New Zealand tour, a girl fractured her ankle.

She wanted to continue the tour but knowing it wasn’t practical decided to leave. ( She had such a good attitude about the whole thing)

What did Haka do?

They put her up in a private room in one of their hostels for a few nights,

Haka really cares about the people who trust them with their New Zealand experience.

Haka Tour Review – The Verdict


Would I do a Haka Tour again?

For sure, the guide, people, activities, and the trust I have in the company made Haka a fantastic tour.

In fact, I am planning exciting stuff when them later this year ( It’s all hush-hush for now, but make sure to stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed this Haka Tour review, and if you are going to New Zealand make sure to check them out.

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