Let’s use Kayak Explore and Kayak’s other tools and learn how to find cheap flights.

Welcome to another addition of Finding Crazy Cheap Flights! This time, we will use Kayak Explore to find fantastic deals.

Last year, one of my most popular posts was how to find insanely cheap flights. While this article is perfect, well written, and extremely engaging (*Cough*) it mainly uses Skyscanner, and budget airlines.

This post we are going to switch it up and use nothing but Kayak Explore, Kayak Price Alerts, and Price Forecast ( Flight Price Predictor)

The reason for this is because not everyone wants to use Skyscanner, and certainly not everyone wishes to use budget airlines.

Before we dive into how to use Kayak Explore you need to know that you will find the cheapest flights if you don’t have your heart set on a particular destination, and you don’t have specific dates you need to travel.

To properly appreciate and use these tips you need to the have carefree a mindset open to going wherever the wind (Or in this case, the cheapest flight) takes you.

If that doesn’t sound like you then fear not you can still use Kayak Explore and Kayak’s other tools to your advantage.

What is Kayak Explore?

Finding Kayak Flights with Explore


Kayak Explore is a search option within the website. What Kayak Explore does is shows you low flight prices from around the world.

Say you have two weeks off and you want a beach holiday.  You don’t care what beach you visit, all you need is the bright sun, the warm sand between your toes, and an ice cold mojito.

Well, in this case, Kayak Explore is the perfect option for you. When we open Kayak Explore, a massive world map pops up showing us cheap flights all over the globe. Now we can easily find a beach that suits our needs to relax and be lazy.

Opening Kayak Explore

Using Kayak Explore

You won’t find Kayak Explore as a tab on the menu which I find funny because it is such a useful option. Here are two quick options to open Kayak Explore.

1-  Google “Kayak Explore.”

2- On Kayak menu, you will see a little box in the corner. Scroll over to the box and click the explore.

Using Kayak Explore to Find Awesome Flight Deals

Once we click Kayak Explore the world opens up to us. Isn’t it glorious.

Looking at all the places it is possible to go always kicks my wanderlust into overdrive!

Now we have some options that allow us to play around with the map to find the cheapest flights.

Kayak Explore Options

One the left side of Kayak Explore we see the option panel. 

The options are pretty self-explanatory, but we will go over them briefly because there a few things we should note. Specifically the date section.

Airport –  The first Kayak Explore option lets us change our departure airport. Fares differ drastically depending on what airport you are using for a departure.

One tip I always use when looking for cheap flights ( Especially international ones) is to fly out of a major travel hub like New York, Chicago, Boston, or LA. International fares are usually cheaper when flying out of these airports.

You can also find super cheap tickets to these destinations. Breaking up the ticket like this can save you hundreds, and it is a technique I use often

However, it doesn’t work 100% of the time so it is something you will need to play around with it yourself.

Date –  You can search by season and also by month. Kayak Explore works best if you don’t have dates in mind. If you try to search specific dates on a location, it will take you to a regular Kayak search.

However even if you do you can use Kayak Explore to get a good idea of where it will be cheap to fly.

Price –  Kayak Explore lets you change the search based on price

Flight Time – Search Kayak Explore based on the length of the flight.

How to Use Kayak Explore When You Don’t Have Exact Dates

Finding Kayak Flights with Kayak Explore

So let’s try it out with the mindset we are looking for that perfect beach holiday.

My options for the search are going to be from CMH. (Closest Major Airport from where I grew up)

Options I used in Kayak Explore for this search

Date: Any

Price: Any

Flight Time: Any

Right away a couple of options stick out to me. At a glance, the cheapest option is Orlando at $168. However, we are on a quest for a beach and the closest beaches to Orlando are an hour or two hours away.

While it is the cheapest flight on Kayak Explore, it is not our ideal option for the beach.

But I see a few other useful options.

I can get to Burbank, San Diego, San Salvador, and the Provincials for all under $400 round trip.I feel my wanderlust tingling.

I’ve never been to San Salvador so let’s go.

Kayak Explore to find flights

Clicking on San Salvador, I see the for this price the departure and return dates for this price. In this case, I would leave early April and be gone for 25 days.

If you don’t have 25 days you can play around with the dates, but the price will change.

If you do have that much time well then we just an international flight to a beach destination for under $400. How insane is that!

Using Kayak Explore to Find A Cheap Flight With Specific Dates

I know what your thinking, “That last example was great Stephen but I only have time to travel in May, not April, and only 14 days of vacation not 25”.

Fret not dear reader. We just have to do a new search and find a different destination.

My options this Kayak Explore search,

Airport: CMH

Date: May

Price: under 400 ( We want the same price as the last example)

Flight time Any

Kayak Explore

Ok, I see I can get to Puerto Rico for under $400 however clicking on it we see that the trip is only 4 days. Not worth it!

So we have to play with the options.

We change the dates and search again. In this example, I changed the dates from

May 10th – May 23rd.

Searching I see that a flight those days the price jumps to almost $450.

That’s the cheapest we can find it unless you want to keep playing around with the dates and airports to see if we can find a better price.

Now we have a couple options.

1- Pony up and pay the $450

2- Use Kayak’s other tools to see if the price will drop.

For this example, which lets us save time we are going to use Kayak Alerts and Price Forecast which makes Kayak to do the work for us.

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How to Use Kayak Alerts.

Combining both Kayak Explore and Kayak Alerts makes for one powerful combo.

What are Kayak Alerts

pirce alert kayak explore

1- Kayak Alert emails you when the fare changes.

2- It also sends you emails about fats to your favorite destinations

3- Informs you of awesome deals

4- In the last example, we couldn’t find a flight to Puerto Rico for under $400.

5- The smart thing is to play the waiting game.

Personally, I think Kayak Alerts work best when we have anywhere from 1 to 3 months before a flight. If you are flying in a couple weeks, then your best there is a good chance the price will rise so you best option is to suck it up and pay the extra or use the flight forecast to see the chances of getting a lower fare.

What is  Kayak Price Forecast (Flight Price Predictor)

Kayak Flights and Flight Price Predictor

This is a tool that analyzes the latest trends and lets us know if the price of the flight is likely to fall or rise.

Predicting airfare is a tricky business but the tool is pretty accurate gives you the probability of what the flight is likely to do.

In this example, we see that they are telling us that we should buy. It says that plane ticket has a good chance of getting more expensive in the next week.

Kayak Forecast is a helpful tool that gives us more information to let us make an informed decision about whether or not it is the right time to buy a flight.

More Kayak Explore Tips to Find Cheap Flights

–    Open Dates often mean finding the lowest price

–    January tends to be the cheapest month to buy flight

–    Clear Browser Cookies when you search for a flight

–    While not only true many times Sundays are the cheapest day to buy flights and it is usually cheaper to fly out on Tuesdays

–    Using a VPN to change your location can sometimes change the price of tickets.

Another thing to pay attention to in the ever changing rules. For example the laptop ban in flights likely to expand to Europe. If that happens, an alternative for business travelers is a Cloud based Windows Desktop at CloudDesktopOnline.com and online SharePoint site at CloudAppsPortal.com , accessible from numerous mobile or desktop devices.

Take some time and toy around with the options and it is possible to find some insane deals. One important part of finding a cheap flight in Kayak Explore is patience using price alerts and forecast to make the best decision possible.

When looking for a flight, I have the mindset of it being a money saving game. Say it takes me two hours to find the flight I want, but I saved $200. Well in my mind I just made $100 an hour. Right?

View it as a game and you will be surprised at how addicting and fun it is finding the cheapest flight with Kayak Explore.

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