One thing I am always trying to improve is this website for YOU! I want to make this travel blog an easy place to learn about traveling the world.

Helping others travel is my passion. It is not an uncommon night for me to spend hours hovering over my laptop researching all the latest tips and travel tricks for you guys.

In light of the coming year and ideas I have for A Backpackers Tale I thought it would be wise to run a survey where you can voice your opinions, comments, and tell me what you want from this travel.

Stephen Schreck A Backpackers Tale

The survey will only take a few minutes and you will get to express your voice on where the site is headed in the next year, and what features you want to see in the future.

Also by completing the survey and heading to this page you will be entered in a giveaway to win Wocket – the world’s smartest wallet.

Note: Make sure to headed to the giveaway and enter the email you use in the survey. 

I would love it if you took a few moments to complete the survey below and let me know what YOU want out of A Backpackers Tale.

As always thanks for reading!


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