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I recently received an interesting survey I thought you all might enjoy, and one that I am excited to hear your personal opinions about. Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase asked Americans to look into the future and predict what travel could look like by the year 2030.


Interesting right?

I know that I found it entertaining, and it made me think about the state of the travel industry and where it will be by 2030. I scratched my head reading other parts of it, asking myself “Is this is really what traveling will be like by 2030.”

We won’t know for sure until we get to 2030. Until then we can check out the survey and from unique travel experiences to putting the real in virtual reality, the top predictions reveal some surprises.

Here are some of the most assuming, and informative things in the survey and what I thought about them.

The first point that caught my eye was that 50% of Americans believe in the future that face recognition technology could replace passports. Honestly, I think that is the future, which is scary by itself, but I am not 100% convinced that will happen by 2030.

I mean just think of all the airports around the world that will have to upgrade their systems. Many airports still don’t have RFID readers. Either way the idea of going to the airport and they know who I am just by scanning my face is a frightening thought.

My favorite section of the survey is Space Travel. Ever since I started traveling, I have imagined myself as an old man, and before I hang up my backpack for good, I would take one last epic adventure, an adventure into space.

However, only 35% of Americans believe space travel will be available by 2030. This puts me in my mid-forties and I’ll still be going strong with my world ventures then. So while many Americans don’t think space travel is feasible in the not too distant future, I still have time before I am too old.

Over the last decade, Eco-friendly destinations are all the rage and will only get more popular, which we can see in the survey that 71% of travelers agree that Americans will chose “Eco-Travel” destinations for vacations.

All this could be a reality in the next 15 years. Either way, I am sure that traveling will be as glorious by 2030 as it is now.

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So tell me your opinion.

What do you think travel will be like in the year 2030? 

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