By nature, I am not a very organized person. Most of my “to do” lists are scattered around on post-it notes.

When planning my travels, I usually make up a rough and disorganized itinerary of things to do and things to write about which I then email to myself. You can see how this can be messy considering I write about travel for a living.

However now that I have discovered TripVerse, all my itinerary problems are put to rest.

What is TripVerse?


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TripVerse is a fantastic app that allows you view other traveler’s itineraries, and gives suggestions while building your own. You can then view these itineraries offline while you are traveling. This app is an easy way to plan future travels.

Here are a couple things that TripVerse does that sets it apart from other apps.

TripVerse Lets You Share Your Travel Plans

I love sharing places I am visiting throughout my travels. It is one reason I run a travel blog after all. TripVerse has a feature that lets me share my itineraries with my friends, family, and other travel junkies. It is also a major time saver. I can look up highly rated itineraries to where I am going and start researching the destination from TripVerse suggestions.

TripVerse Lets you Build Itineraries on Your Computers, Tablet, and Smart Phone.

One of the things I like about TripVerse is that I can use both my smartphone and laptop to build an Itinerary quickly and efficiently.

Once I chose a location, I can start adding events and items to my list.  As I update the trip on the laptop, it automatically updates my smartphone and tablet. This means I can work on what I want to see anywhere.

For example, many times while traveling I often pass by things that I want to come back and see.

With Tripverse, I can immediately type in the location as I am standing in front of them.  All these items will be marked on my map and later, when I am free I can easily get back to them. How cool is that?

TripVerse Gives You Suggestions

Tripverse Review

Another feature that makes TripVerse  stand apart is that it gives you recommendations based on your travel plans. For example, let’s say my chosen city for Day 1 is Bangkok.

Tripsverse automatically recommends things to do in Bangkok based on different categories like sights, activities, food, and my personal favorite, coffee!

This is one of the coolest features of the apps. Just imagine all the fun I will have with this in the near future. I will be making days dedicated to the finding the best art, museums, and thrilling adventures.

TripVerse  is Informative

Tripverse Review 2

One unbeatable feature of TripVerse is what happens when I add an activity to my itinerary.

TripVerse automatically gives me address in both English and the native language (in this case Thai).

The address in the native language is a huge plus when trying to get a taxi or navigate the metro to a sight. TripVerse also gives the phone number, and the hours of operation.

Obviously this app can prove extremely useful while traveling.

Overall Tripverse is a fantastic new travel app that has changed the way I am planning my travels. It is one of the coolest apps I have tried this year, and if you are traveling anytime in the future, I suggest giving TripVerse a shot.

Have you tried TripVerse? What did you think?


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