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I was recently, asked to test the new smart wallet, the Wocket. I have had this nifty little device for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was time to let you all in on how the Wocket works and my initial impression of this wallet.

What is a Wocket?

Review of the smart wallet

First I should take time to explain exactly what a Wocket is and a few reasons  I think it is useful for traveling.

The Wocket is a smart wallet that has an imprintable Wocket card in it. Think of the Wocket card like a blank credit card.  Essentially you can turn this imprintable Wocket card into any credit card you own. All you have to do is swipe the cards you want to store in the Wocket, go through a brief setup, and it is done.

Now with a few pushes of a button the Wocket card become any of your credit cards that you swiped into it.  The wallet also has a little space for cash, id’s and other cards.

However, the main feature of the Wocket is the touch screen. The touch screen is can be unlocked using a pin or even use your voice.

They say the Wocket battery for the touch screen only needs charged once a year.

Pull out and unlock your Wocket, select the credit/debit card you wish to use. The Wocket syncs the Wocket card making it the card you chose.

Since I got my Wocket, I have used it for every purchase, and it has worked every time.

Is the Wocket Useful for Traveling?

Review of the Wocket Smart Wallet

I find devices like this very useful when traveling. One thing I stress when traveling is backups. I have traveled with people who have lost their wallet and had no backpacks.

It was a massive headache every time. I never travel without having backpacks up all my important documents, including my credit cards.
Luckily I have never lost my wallet, been robbed or pick pocketed. But, I am not nieve enough to think that it can’t happen.

That’s what Wocket essentially is for a travelers, tightened security.

With the Wocket, I can leave all my cards locked away in the hostel or hotel and just take my Wocket out with me.

My Wocket is locked, and either requires my personal pin or voice to unlock.

If I get lose my Wocket, or if it gets pick pocketed I am still protected. I am the only one that can unlock the Wocket I am the only one who can use it.  Yes, it would be bad to lose such an awesome wallet, but I still have all my cards locked away in my room. Headache free.

Traveling is always better when you have taken the proper precautions and added security. It makes backpacking more relaxing. My brother lost his wallet while were we nearly frozen to death at Stonehenge.

For the next couples months I had to transfer money around between my family, the bank and me. It was a massive pain. Personally, I wish he would have had a Wocket. Overall, my experience with the Wocket has been positive, and it is a great measure to take for extra security on the road.

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