Peru is the third largest country in South America. It is a country for adventurers and explorers.

You can spend your holiday walking through the thick jungle, climbing to mountain ruins, like Machu Picchu, or discovering vast cities like Lima.

Lima is one of the highlights of Peru.

Sitting alongside the coast of this magnificent country sits the capital city, Lima. This city with a population of over 8 million is a bustling metropolis.

The vibrant culture and beautiful landscape are not lost in Lima’s massive size, and the city has a welcoming atmosphere for travelers.

Let’s discover some of the rich and stunning things we can find when visiting the city of Kings.

Culture in Lima

The Beaches

We can’t visit Lima without wandering around the coast.

Lima has nice sandy beaches with green hills in the background giving the area a fantastic contrast.

At the beach, we can get a small taste of the surrounding landscapes Lima offers. The beaches are warm and sunny for people who want to lay out, and these beaches even have some sweet surf.

Mira Flores

Let’s dive into some of the cultures of Lima. One great place to start is in Mira Flores.

This part of the city has beautiful parks, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs and much more.

It is a great place to experience and fall in love with the culture that Lima has to offer.

And if you are like me and want to spend an afternoon people watching there is no better place in the city that around the Mira Flores district. There are also many awesome places to stay in this area of Lima.

Hole in the Wall Restaurants

I believe that food is a good gateway into any culture and to find the best food I always head to the hole in the wall restaurants.

You get to see local culture and 99 percent of the time the food is way more delicious than in hole in the wall restaurants than it is in the touristy parts of the city.

One of my favorites in Restaurant El Sillar, which has some great dishes for a low price.

Plaza de Armas de Lima

What better way to discover the culture of this city than by visiting the place that is the birthplace of Lima.

Plaza de Armas de Lima is in the historical part and is the heart of the city.

Here we get to view some of the most scenic streets and areas the city has to offer.

This city square is the perfect place to stop on our search to find the best landscapes and encounter the culture of the city of kings.

Day Tours from Lima


Let’s get out of the city and talk about some of the spectacular landscape around Lima.

The area is green and lush, and has many things to do for people traveling around Peru

One of the best ways to see the landscape is by taking a day trip.

There are many companies that will not only take you to the area surrounding the city.

Many of them will also take you around the city as well.

So whether you are visiting the Golden Museum or cruising down the river, your guide will teach you the history of Peru while you enjoy the landscape.

Lima is a fantastic city that has busy city squares, energetic nightlife, and beautiful landscapes.

So the next time you are traveling to South America with LAN make sure to stop over in Lima and enjoy this epic city for yourself.


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