By partnering with A Backpacker’s Tale, you are broadening your reach to thousands of travelers, adventurers, and backpackers.

A Backpacker’s Tale is a fast growing travel website. Since being launched in October 2012, it has already gained thousands of followers worldwide, a community of loyal readers, and hundreds of new visitors daily.

“This morning everyone here at SDT, have been admiring your blog that you wrote for your skydive. Its fantastic and really describes what every passenger experiences. Roy (the boss) has forwarded it onto your tandem master!”



Digital Storytelling

I love writing stories about my adventures and experiences on the road. I write engaging and unique content that my readers love and enjoy.

Social Media Exposure

Social Media is key in giving the proper exposure to brands and partners. Stephen understands this and has large social media following.

I always want to hear from travel related companies about what they have to offer, their promotions, trips, adventures, and experiences that my readers might find of interest.

I create content before, during, and after my travel experiences, and partnering together, we could be a dynamic team to extend your reach by thousands.

If you are a reputable travel company and would like to talk about ways we could partner, now or in the future, don’t be shy. Let’s get a conversation going.

I already have partnered with several travel companies, hostels, and adventure tourism groups from around the world.

I believe that together we can create a win-win relationship between you, me, and my readers.

There are many ways to partner with A Backpacker’s Tale such as

Hostel Reviews

Multi-day Tours

Day trips Tours

Adventures Tours Giveaways

Ambassadorships Press Trips

COMPANIES I’VE Partnered with

Things You Can Expect

-Inclusion in any post that is related and vital to my travel experience.

-I will honestly relate my experiences with your company in the content before and after our partnership together.

-Video coverage and photographs relating to my travels.

-Extensive coverage on social media.

-I reach thousands weekly on Facebook -Over 450,000 in 100 tweets on Twitter according totweet reach -Instagram/and Pinterest coverage

Site Stats and Media Kit

For more information or if you have any questions, please email me at Stephen (@) abackpackerstale.com

Site Stats. Monthly Unique Visitors: 19,000+

Page Views: 25,000+

Newsletter Open Rate: 45%

Twitter followers: 7,100 + Facebook fans: 6,813+

Klout Score: 65

Independent Site Statistics

Alexa Rank: 148,766 Alexa Rank,

USA: 88,353 Alexa Rank,

UK: 53,222

Google Page Rank: 3

Contact email: stephen (at) abckpackerstale (dot) com

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