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Note about this adventure travel blog

When setting out to make this adventure travel blog I had to conquer my own fear.  Adventures have the power to change you as a person and shape you into the person you want to become. 

There is nothing like the rush on looking your fear and the face and saying “Not today”.

Here you will find  blog post about some crazy adventures around the world!For you adrenaline junkies this is a great resource for getting inspiration to fulfill your next rush around the world. 

Adventure Travel Blog

Conquering Mordor

An exciting day trekking the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand with a bad case of the flu. One of the best day hikes in New Zealand

Adventure travel quotes can bring a rush of exhilaration and give us more drive to reach our next adventure. These are the some of my favorite quotes of all time. (Read the Best Adventure Quotes)

Haka Tours is my favorite tour company in New Zealand. They focus on small adventure tours across on of my favorite countries in the world. (Read My Full Haka Tours Review)

Thinking about running with the bulls? It is an exciting and unforgettable adventure. However, it can be dangerous. These are some tips you should know before running!  (Read 5 Tips for Running with the Bulls)

There is more to Nepal than tall mountains and snowy treks. Read about how the Last Resort, outside of Kathmandu, is a great day for adventure travel. (Read An Epic Day at the Last Resort

The best laid adventures of mice and men can go awry. In this adventure travel blog post I talk about some of my scariest travel moments, and why I love them. (Find Out Why I love My Scariest Travel Moments)

The 20’s are one of the best times in your life to travel. I spent most of my 20’s traveling across the world. These are the lessons I learned. (Read 20’s Life Lessons You Learn Traveling in Your 20’s)

RoamRight travel insurance

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adventures should never travel without insurance

Kampot is the adventure capital of Cambodia. From abandon casinos to swimming holes in caves there is a lot to see and do in Kampot. (Read Crazy in Kampot)

The Plane door opened and a gush of wind entered the plane. With my feet dangling 15,000 feet above the ground I knew the next few minutes would be a massive rush. Check out more in this action packed adventure travel blog. (Read Skydiving in New Zealand)

Swimming with Dolphins is one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had when backpacking New Zealand….until a shark showed up to the party (Read Swimming with Dolphins in Kaikoura)

These are some awesome travel quotes that are great for those with an adventurous heart. (Read Top Travel Quotes)

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