Before we get into the best neighborhoods to stay in Rome, I need to take a second and come clean. When it comes to Rome, I am extremely biased. Rome is one of my favorite cities in Europe (if not the entire world). Ancient history, entertaining myths, crumbling ruins, and magnificent fountains captivate me and breath an air of fresh life into this ancient city. Of course, other reasons to love Rome include the handmade pasta, a fantastic selection of delicious cheese, and not to mention—red wine!

Luckily, I am not the only that feels this way. There’s a reason why Rome gets over 7 million visitors a year.. There are also many day trips from Rome so it is a perfe

Collosuem Panarama

When planning a visit to the eternal city, one of the first things you need to decide is where to stay. Rome is made of 22 different districts, and each of these neighborhoods has a distinct atmosphere and style. Whether you are looking to explore local life, wander markets, or go sightseeing, picking the right district to stay in Rome is vital to your experience in the city.

I’ve visited Rome over a dozen times, and these are my favorite areas and best neighborhoods to stay in Rome.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Rome.


Trastevere is the most charming neighborhood I’ve ever roamed in Rome (pardon the pun). The neighborhood lies on the opposite side the Tiber River from the city center. As soon as you set foot in Trastevere, you’ll sense the shift in atmosphere.

The homes are covered with thick curtains of ivy, pint-sized shops line cobbled alleyways, and small wall restaurants and bars spill out into the narrow streets. The whole area looks as though it’s jumped out of a postcard.

This neighborhood also has trendy bars and some of the city’s best apperitivos. There is no metro stop in Trastevere; however, it is easy to navigate to and from Trastevere via a 15-minute bus ride from the city center. Even if you do not stay there, Trastevere is still worth an evening visit.

Recommended Places to stay in Trastevere.

Hotels: Locanda Sonnino /  Hotel Il Villino

Hostels: Ventisei Scalini /  B&B Esty


While not the most beautiful part of the city, Termini is a convenient place to stay if you need to catch a train in or out of the city.

Termini connects both metro lines and hosts the city’s central bus station. This lets you zip around the town a lot faster, which can be great if you only have a couple of days to explore Rome and need to move quickly.

Because Termini is the central transport hub of the city, the area also has a ton of cheap hotels and hostels. If you are exploring Rome on a tight budget, Termini is your best bet for reasonable accommodation.

I’ve stayed in Termini a few times, and while it is a convenient, I recommend picking other districts on the list. If you are looking to save on your Italy budget then Termini is one of the best chocies of places to stay.

Recommended places to visit in Termini.

Hotel: Hotel Serena

Hostels: The Yellow (One of my favorite hostels in the world) /  Hostel Termini


Best Neighborhoods to stay in rome

If you’re a food lover, consider making Testaccio your home base while in Rome. This area of the city boasts Rome’s central food market and many tiny restaurants that serve classic roman dishes at reasonable prices. The neighborhood itself is modern, lively, and has a wild nightlife scene.

Another perk of staying in Testaccio is the location. Nestled between Aventine Hill and Trastevere, it is ideal for getting to location sites like Piramide, Circus Maximus, Roman Forum and the Colosseum.

Somehow, Testaccio has avoided becoming extremely touristy. It has become the best neighborhoods to stay in Rome when I’m looking for a glimpse of daily life in Rome. Recommended places to stay in Testaccio

Because Testaccio isn’t touristy, there aren’t many hotels.

In fact, an Airbnb might be your best option when picking a place in Testaccio. (Use this link and save $35 on Airbnb)

Aventine Hill

Where to stay in Rome

Speaking of Aventine Hill, this tranquil charming little neighborhood is perfect for those who don’t want to stray too far from downtown yet also want to trade the madness of the city for a quiet neighborhood.

Aventine Hill gives you great views of the city—you can see all the way to the Vatican. The area also has some beautiful parks. I always find it amazing how a neighborhood so close to downtown has remained so secluded.

Aventine Hill’s biggest tourist attraction is the famous keyhole, which, when peered through, gives you a perfect view of St. Peters Cathedral. It is also within walking distance of the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum. Aventine Hill is more of a local neighborhood then tourist spot, but you will still find a few hotels and BnBs in the area.

Recommended Spots to stay in Aventine Hill

Hotel: Hotel Major Aventinus

The Vatican

While there are pros and cons to staying around the Vatican, might be the perfect neighborhood for you to stay when visiting Rome. The cons are that it is from downtown, around St Peters Square, it is extremely touristy, so if you do stay here, expect prices to be higher. But one benefit, straying a few streets in almost any direction will lead to very simple, yet stunning neighborhoods to stay when visiting Rome.

Another huge benefit, the closer you are to the Vatican, the easier it is to get up early and get in line. The line for the Vatican Museum is out of control and is typically insanely long by 9 a.m. I’ve personally shown up at the Vatican around 8:30 in the morning and still had to wait two cold and rainy hours.

Personally, I would only recommend staying near the Vatican if you are planning on spending most of your time in Rome in the Vatican area.

Places to Stay Near the Vatican

Hotel: Hotel Tango

Hostels: Vaticano68

Piazza Navona

Just a few minutes west of the Pantheon is gorgeous Piazza Navona. This section of the city, which includes Campo de’ Flori and the Jewish Ghetto, is one of the most touristy areas, but the atmosphere, architecture, and fountains are still enchanting.

It is one of my favorite areas of the city to eat, wander, and people watch, all while sipping on a bottle of wine. It is charming area and one personal I think it is one of best neighborhoods to stay in Rome

Recommended Places to Stay in Piazza Navona

Hotel: Casa Campo De’ Fiori / Vetrina Holidays Apartment Navona Square

Trevi/Spanish Steps

Whenever I am in this area of the city, I am overwhelmed by the sense of awe I felt visiting Rome for the first time. Trevi Fountain overshadows a historical spot where Rome’s five major roads once met. The fountain has become a major icon of the city and is one of the most impressive works of art in the world.

Trevi is also close to a couple of Rome’s main shopping streets and the Spanish Steps. You can easily get to the Colosseum and Roman Forum by bus or a thirty-minute walk. It is one of the best neighborhoods to stay in Rome.

Recommend Places to Stay in Trevi

Hotels: Teichnersuite / Orange Suites

Rome has many excellent districts, hotels, and BnB’s to choose from. These are just a few of my favorite areas of the city to visit. But visiting any part of the Eternal City is better than not visiting at all. Rome is a city worth exploring, people watching, and overeating. I love Roma. It is a city that fuels and inspires wanderlust, and it is where I started down the road that has led me to where I am today.

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