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 Let me link you to fantastic companies, my travel planning services and my gear. You’ll travel better, and further and at the same time help support this website. It’s a win win!!

Companies I Love and Links I Use.
Best Backpacking Gear

Preparing to Travel

Choosing your destinations, making an itinerary, deciding  what to pack, finding cheap flights, etc. The list what to do before heading on a trip can seem daunting.

Yes, Another Damn Packing List
How I Doubled My Travel Savings
  5 Perks to Traveling With A TEFL
        Travel Companies I Love
  10 Things to Check Before Boarding an International Flight

Travel Tips and Advice

 Travel Tips and Advice from my vast traveling the world.

5 Crucial Packing Tips To Staying safe On Your A Round the World Adventure
Travelling Europe: Eurail vs Busabout Review
Travel Guide: Pro’s of Traveling with a VPN
Top 5 European Cities for Your First Backpacking Trip
 Messy in Munich – Oktoberfest Tips and Travel Guide

Travel Inspiration

Get Inspired to Get Your Travels Started.

 The Gift Travel Gives Me
After 4 Months of Traveling Am I Still in Love?
My Scariest Adventure Travel Moments and Why I Love Them
Top Travel Quotes

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