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Are you feeling a little lost, or asking yourself anyone of these questions?

Are you pounding your head against a wall and trying to figure out where to start?

Do you have a seemingly endless list of travel questions?

Are you spending hours hunched over your keyboard trying to find the cheapest flights, the necessary visas, and a practical budget?


I can help you plan your next adventure! 


I’ve also been named in the top 100 world travel experts

However, I didn’t become a travel expert overnight. It took a lot of trial and error, but over time I’ve learned the in and out’s of traveling and can help you avoid headaches and hiccups.

I can save you hours of research, confusion, and mistakes.

In short, I can make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

I have already helped hundreds of people achieve their traveling goals.

I can help you plan your next adventure! 


1 On 1 help

I will work with you 1 on 1 to help you plan the best possible trip ever! Learn from my years of personal experience traveling Europe, Asia, and the Middle East!

Travel Hacking to Save you $$

Travel Hacking! I can give you advice from earning free flight using proven travel hacking techniques or help you find cheap airfare!

You Won't Waste Your Time with Back Tour Companies

A lot of experience with both good and bad travel companies. I can steer you towards the best companies in the business.

Years of Sightseeing Cities

I have toured, explored, and experienced 100’s of cities. I can give you insight on what to see, best time of the year to visit, and hacks to help you avoid spending hours in lines.

Ongoing Support

I don't just stop at helping you plan your adventures! I also give you support during them!

Tips and Advice to Get off the Beaten Path

I’ve spent a lot of time off the beaten track and behind the scenes. I can helpgive you suggestions and tips to help you get Off the beaten track

Travel Packages


$ 89
  • 2 X 30 Minute Skype Sessions
  • I Month Email Support
  • 2 Monthly Check in's


$ 140
  • Detailed Itinerary PDF
  • 2 X 30 Minute Skype Sessions
  • 2 Month Email Support
  • 3 Monthly Check in's


$ 199
  • Hours of Research Trying to Find you the Cheapest Prices!
  • Detailed Itinerary PDF
  • 4 X 30 Minute Skype Sessions
  • 2 Month Email Support
  • 3 Monthly Check in's

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